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  • Black Limestone

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  • Tandoor Yellow Limestone

The Limestones that are offered by us are in a diverse range of sizes, thickness, finish, and quantity to cater to a vast clientele. The Indian Limestone that we supply includes Kota Blue Limestone and Kota Brown Limestone from North India and Tandur Yellow Limestone, Tandur Blue/Grey Limestone, Black Limestone, Pink Limestone, Green Limestone and Peacock Limestone from South India. We supply Limestone in form of tiles, pavers and slabs and Limestone can also be used in flooring.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is mainly made of calcite and aragonite i.e. Calcium carbonate crystals. Limestone comprises approximately 10% of the total sedimentary rock population. An Indian Limestone stone has many uses. It is primarily used in the domain of construction and architecture. Limestone is one of the raw materials used for the preparation of slaked lime, quicklime, cement and mortar. Limestone pound into fine granules, amorphous in nature is used to neutralize acidic soils.  Also limestone is one of the naturally occurring petroleum reservoirs. Limestone is also a powerful means to control air pollution.

Indian Limestone is available easily and in huge quantities. Also the durability and hard nature of the stone make the stone suitable for highly used areas like railway platforms, factories, parking lots, domestic/official furnishings. Limestone is primarily used for flooring, as tiles, vanity tops in kitchen, offices and wall claddings. Limestone is extensively used as building material for hospitals and airports. When it comes to having a very familial, cosy and informal feel limestone comes perfectly catering to the requirement in its soothing colours. Indian Limestone types- slabs, countertops and backsplashes compliment bathroom and kitchen furnishings.

Limestone countertops are heat resistant and are hard. The sturdy nature of the stone makes it often preferred. Limestone is delicate, it is not stain resistant. Hence a limestone countertop has to be carefully maintained. For this reason it is better to go for a limestone countertop with matte finish. Proud owners of homes usually desire to have limestone countertops for the feel of elegance it gives. The countertop cannot certainly bear all the heat kitchen carries but is perfect for all the requirements of a pastry chef. Nevertheless limestone comes with a requirement of good care. Because of its natural properties limestone could be cut into various shapes and sizes befitting any domestic/official requirement. Limestone could be used in less hot zones like steamy bathrooms and so on.