Length: Customized

Breadth/Height: Customized

Thickness/ Width: Customized

Finish (Top): Honed / Smooth Finish

Finish (Bottom): Honed / Smooth Finish

Sides: Honed / Smooth Finish

Quantity per container: 27 tons per 20 feet container

The Greek revival movement in the 19th century brought the elements of classical architecture back into vogue. The columns continue to be the basis for many buildings, particularly public buildings where there is a desire to express permanence, confidence and continuity with the past. Owing to our rich experience and extensive knowledge, we have been able to produce and offer a variety of columns carved in Indian Sandstones. Our range of columns includes the styles of Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan and Composite Columns along with Rope Shaft columns, fabricated in Sandstones Beige, Mint, Red, Teak and Rainbow. Should it be required, we can make hollow pillars according to the specifications.