Length: Customized (General Size: 40 cm / 45 cm)

Breadth/Height: Customized (General Size: 15 cm / 22.5 cm)

Thickness/ Width: Customized (General Sizes : 0.7-1.2 cm)

Finish (Top): Natural

Finish (Bottom): Calibrated

Sides: Machine Cut

Quantity per container: 27 tons per 20 feet container

Asian Stones specializes in supplies of Slate Roofing Tiles. A wide range of colors are Natural Slate Tile are available that we be viewed from the Slate Page available on Tiles and Slabs section of the website. In order to make the installation of the roofing tiles easier for the client, we pre drill the holes from India which have to be just fixed/attached via nut, bolts on the roof.