Length: Customized

Breadth/Height: Customized

Thickness/ Width: Customized

Finish (Top): Natural & Honed

Finish (Bottom): Calibrated

Sides: Hand Cut

Quantity per container: 27 tons per 20 feet container

Asian Stones supplies sandstone circle in various shapes and diameter according to the client’s needs. Our regular sizes start from 1 meter diameter to 4 meter diameter, although we have manufacture bespoke designer circles up to 40 meters as well. These are supplied as circle or circles with squaring off (corner) kits. We export stone circles in all Indian Sandstone and Limestone. These are hand dressed on sides and can be supplied with natural or calibrated back. The top is Natural but could be supplied honed as well. We work on CAD and our circle templates are perfectly matched and made per the design.