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Who is Asian Stones ?

Asian Stones is a leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of Natural Stones from India since 1998 exporting to over 50 countries. Our USA based company Asian Stones LLC imports and warehouses Natural Stone Veneer at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and distributes/door delivers goods in all parts of USA.

What does Asian Stones offer ?

The company specializes in production and distribution of Natural Stone Veneer. We supply a large variety of patterns, colors and styles to make the walls look beautiful and elegant. Our each and every project in Natural Stone Veneer is customized to completely meet our client`s expectations.
The company caters to large Natural stone flooring and tiling projects in Indian Sandstone, Limestone and Slate Stone. Asian Stones also offers an abundant variety of landscaping stones . We have specialized team a CAD designers and create exclusive and bespoke Carved Stone products. We have mastered in completing Natural Stone Restoration projects globally including National Historic Landmarks in the Americas.

Why do I buy from Asian Stones ?

For a complete answer to this question, kindly visit “Why Asian Stones ?” Page available at LEARN.

Is Asian Stones a quality certified company ?

Asian Stones has always been very particular with the quality of the goods it supplies making sure that the environment is pollution free and clean and employees have a extremely safe and healthy working conditions in the manufacturing plant. The company has certified itself with quality management systems, environment management systems and occupational health and safety management systems certificates accredited under JAS-ANZ.

  • ISO 9001:2008
    ISO 14001:2004
    OHSAS 18001:2007

What sort of maintenance is required with Asian Stones and its related products ?

The products of Asian Stones are virtually maintenance free as natural stones are strong, durable and non porous. You might only have to clean the stone`s top surface occurred due to natural weathering, otherwise, no special kind of maintenance is required.

What is life cycle of Natural Stones ?

The Natural Stones last forever. It will at least last you a lifetime. A great evidence for this is the 362 year old beautiful Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world. There are hundreds and thousands of palaces, mansions, castles, forts and monuments as well in the world which have lasted for more than 500 years.

How consistent are the colors of Asian Stones and its related products ?

The natural stones are quarried from inside the earth`s surface, and hence, no two pieces can be same like in the case of ceramic tiles or manufactured stone veneer. Our stones being natural have color variations and undulations on the surface (only in case if someone wishes to buy a natural/cleft top finish).
Also, one of the important reasons to buy a natural stone over manufactured stone is that every piece is different, the uniqueness lies in its inconsistency in color. However, the company makes sure that the product maintains consistency and aesthetics through its strong quality control measures. The company`s experienced and able quality inspectors insure that best quality of goods are packed.

What is the difference between Natural Stone Veneer and Manufactured/Cultured Stone Veneer ?

Stone Veneer made from natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, slate stone, quartzite, marble and granite that are quarried from beneath the earth are Natural Stone Veneer.
Manufactured/Cultured Stone veneer are those that are fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix into rubber forms of different style and then painted with a coloring process which makes it resemble the natural real stone.

What are the advantages of Natural Stone Veneer over Manufactured/Cultured Stone Veneer ?

Our Stone Veneer being fabricated out of natural stone provides greater beauty, durability, reusability, non-porosity and aesthetics over Manufactured or Cultured Stone Veneer. Additionally, our cost to manufacture the Natural stone veneer in India is way cheaper than any faux stone in the market and is maintenance free.
Manufactured/Cultured Stone Veneer is not as strong as Natural Stone veneer, cannot be reused and has a larger waste factor, is subject to color changes due to UV exposure and moisture, being porous is subjected to ice wedging and freeze thaw problems, involves a very high repair and maintenance cost, etc.

How are the goods packed ?

For an elaborate answer to this question , kindly visit the “Packaging” section available at LEARN.

Are products supplied by Asian Stones covered under warranty ?

Asian Stones deals only in export of natural stones which are quarried from mother earth. Fissures, striations, veining, color variations, undulations, etc. are characteristics of natural stones and are considered unique and not defective products. Hence, there is no warranty on natural stones.
However, in any rare circumstance, if the stones are inadequately packed and few pieces crack/break during the transit , those pieces will be sent for free in the next consignment. Customer`s satisfaction is of prime importance to the company.

What is the best way to communicate to Asian Stones for my natural stone requirement ?

The best way to communicate with our team is to either email us on or .
If you use WhatsApp/Facetime chats, you can ping us on : +91 887-884-4844.

You can also online chat with our team when you are on the website to get an immediate response to any of your query. You can also leave an offline message. Additionally, we are available 24×7 and you will surely get a revert from us within 24 hours.