Asian Stones is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of Indian Slate Stone. We supply slate stone in diverse range of sizes, thickness, finish and quantities to cater to a vast clientele. We process more than 20 colors in Indian Slate stone.
Indian slate stones are supplied from North India & South of India. We can mix slates from North India in one single container & South India in another exclusive single container.

Advantages and Application of Indian Slate:

1. Indian Slates and Quartzite come in beautiful colours and hues. It is an excellent roofing material. Almost 90% of European roofs are made of Slate. The Slate Tiles can be split into two parts without making the rock lose its original nature. This makes slate a very good roofing material and also Slate is ideally stackable.
2. The Slate Stone have very low absorption rates of water. This can keep the building warm even during conditions like heavy snow, rain, fog etc. The minimal moisture retaining ability of the rock makes the stone very suitable for construction purposes. Thus, the Indian Slates are ideal for flooring, tiling and paving.
3. Slate Stone can be used in Walling and Flooring of an office/ home/ site. It always looks elegant and beautiful in any location.

Indian Slate Top Surface Finishes Available:
Natural and Honed
Bottom and Edges:
The bottom can be Natural or Calibrated (Gauged).
The sides are always machine cut sawn.

Since the last few years, Thin Slate Veneer (also called as Flexible Stone Veneer) which is 1-3 mm thick is commonly used as internal wall cladding and can be molded in any shape. We can AIR FREIGHT these Thin Slate Veneers for you that can reach your home (door delivery) in 15 days!!
Please visit Thin Slate Veneer and Stone Veneer Section of our website in order to look at the multiple products that we manufacture using Slate Stone.

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