Creating Timeless & Comfortable Spaces with Choicest Wall Stones

The opulence of a beautifully designed home or office space done tastefully is unparalleled. Choosing the perfect combination of Wall Stones together with Statement pieces and ambient lighting can help elevate our space in numerous ways.

Very often we crave change – A change that gives us a new zeal for doing better. A make-over that motivates us to excel and give us a break from the mundane. A color or texture chosen right is all it takes to lift up our mood. Initiating a change by choosing the perfect Wall Stones to create an accent wall in our office or home space may be enough to get us thrilled to start renovating from scratch.

Choosing the Look

To begin with we need to decide on the look and feel of our place. We can go Luxurious or go Minimalistic. We can begin by settling in on the color scheme for our rooms. Next we need to choose the Wall stones in different finishes that complement our space giving it a sense of timeless beauty. We can opt for the available options or go bespoke. Either case the idea should be to uplift the ambience and beauty of the space to look classy.

Choosing the Style

With over 200+ varieties of natural stones to choose from, zeroing in on the style that best suits us is a daunting task. It may be in our best interest to confer with experienced Style Specialists to guide us along the way.

If our office has a glass façade complimenting it with a Charcoal Black Ledge Stone can make for a stunning combination. A wall in Alaskan white Castle stone interspaced with half an inch of gray grouting will look magnificent. Creating a front elevation in the Charcoal Rust Castle stone with its inherent hues of black orange and grays is ideal for bringing out the rustic look. Choosing the Black Rundle Ledge stone will have a bold visual impact making for an authoritative statement, especially if used in the Office space.


Check List

The styles and combinations thereof are many. Choosing from them and deciding on them is the tough part. Preparing a checklist and keeping it handy is what will ensure a job well done for us.

  • Decide On a Budget
  • Research and choose a one Stop Shop
  • Go With a Stylist & a Team of experienced Designers
  • Strike a Balance between Practical & Aesthetic
  • Stay in the Loop & keep an eye on the changes as they happen to avoid wastage of both time & resources

Opt for the Dimensional Wall Stones which give a neat look with their machine sawn sides or go with the random irregular shaped ones having a rustic appeal. At the end of the day we should remember to create a space that feels warm and welcoming.