Creating Timeless Homes with Stone cladding for Exterior walls in India

India, a land of myriad cultures and languages has one common factor that unequivocally defines her. Every home here, however big or small; exudes positive vibes of energy, warmth and affection. Having a Stone Cladding for the exterior walls in India adds a welcome feel.

 When it comes to designing the exteriors we need to remember that it is going to be the defining point of our home – A point that sets the tone of what lies inside. Taking inputs from the experts is our best bet to ensure an abode that resonates with generations to come. Stone Cladding for the Exterior walls in India done right is insurance that our home will be ready to withstand the diverse climatic conditions India boasts of.

Go Exploring

Before we decide on translating our imagination to reality it is best to go exploring. We need to search through the vast collection of natural and authentic cladding stone options. We have to remember to be thorough. After all we are looking to create something magical that our children can be proud of. The colors, patterns and textures that have been created by nature over a period of thousands of years will leave us enthralled. Choose from Quartzite, Sandstone, Limestone or Slate stone. Go Dimensional or go natural and rugged, either ways our Home will look like never before.


Innovate & Experiment

To achieve a unique look, one that stands out we need to think out of the box. Start by choosing a rugged look for Stone Cladding for Exterior Walls in India for our boundary, one that adds strength to our homes rendering it secure. Using Flagstone Pavers in colors that complement the overall look of our garden area has a double advantage. One, they are a cheaper alternative which helps in cost cutting and secondly they give an overall rustic appeal. Next choose Door & Window surrounds that not only provides definitive and neat lines but also save on a lot of messy plastering work.

Add the X-Factor

To add a touch of history, we can opt for Columns in Indian Sandstone in styles like Corinthian, Tuscan and Ionic among others. We can choose from colors like Asian Rainbow and Asian Teak or Maple Red or Desert Sand.  We can get a Gazebo if we have ample outdoor space to have an occasional sit-out with family and friends as we sip on tea and enjoy the savories.

Last but not the least choosing the perfect façade of Stone Cladding for Exterior Walls in India is the single most challenging task. We need to choose a cladding that offers a cocoon of protection from the extremities of weather; strengthens the walls and adds charm to our home. Some options to consider are Outer Space Ledge Stone or Castle Stone that instantly transform our homes from being vulnerable to being like a fortress. For the finishing we can add a touch of grace and elegance by using the Black Rundle Ledge Stone on the entry pillars. With that we are all done and it is time to start enjoying our Picturesque Home.

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