Holistic Home Solutions with Best in Class Stone for Walls Options

The strength of walls depends on the courage of those who guard them.” This quote by Genghis Khan is true figuratively and in its spirit. However choosing the right quality of Stone for walls to ensure that they are actually strong enough to withstand the test of times is a completely different story.

The herculean task of identifying the Stone for Walls requires a lot of research and planning. The options available are multifarious and may get confusing. Outlining our priority is the best way to move forward. As a first we need to identify the areas that we need to work on. We could start with the interiors and work our way outside or go vice versa.

The Interiors

We can begin by picking up the cladding that makes our living room stand out. Our personal space where we entertain guests has to be the quintessence of our personality. Visualize one of the walls in a Micro ledge pattern in Outer Space Quartzite stone, contrasted by the rest of the walls in serene white. The combination will surely add a different dimension to our space.

Stone for Walls are curated with lot of efforts to ensure a blemish free finish. Having a backsplash wall in the kitchen in natural stone cladding will not only provide durability but will also provide abrasion, scratch and stain resistance.


Choosing the perfect colors and textures that surround us as we rest in our bedroom has to be done with utmost precision. We can go for a statement wall that compliments the overall color scheme. Alternatively we can choose to go minimal with an Alaskan White cladding which can instantly transform a bedroom into a chic and cozy space. Combine that with Focus lighting and we have our dream room ready.

The Exteriors

A combination of Charcoal Black and Smokey Grey in Castle Stone Pattern or Field Stone used on the outside will highlight the sturdiness of our home. Alternatively if we have a treated wood paneling or a wooden deck sit-out overlooking the garden, combining it with a Charcoal Rust Cladding in Ledge Stone or Castle Stone will not only look incredible but will giving our home a rustic appeal.

While having a picket fence around the periphery of the house may have a fairy tale appeal the practical aspect has to be different and well-built. The bolder we go the stronger and impenetrable the boundary wall will be. Choose to go with the non uniform look with Ashlar in shades of Olive Brown, Medina Red or Charcoal Black to give it a rugged look and feel that complements our property. Incorporating these design elements into our homes is a sure shot way to infuse them with a new life.