Invoke the Goodness of Nature with Natural Stone Cladding

There can’t be a better way to be close to nature as being able to live everyday of our lives being within it. Natural Stone Cladding aided with the technological advancements in the field of architectural designs and machines have paved the way for an era that allows us to do just that.

Blending the modern with the ethnic is easy to accomplish using Natural Stone Cladding either generously or sparingly in the various sections of our home. We can experience nature’s bounty and beauty in Quartzite, Indian Sandstone, Slate stone and Limestone each having their unique hues, textures and colors.

Standard v/s Bespoke

With hundreds of styles, colors, designs and patterns to choose from we are limited only by our imagination. We can get shapes customized to our liking or we could go standard.  We can either choose one of the latest and much preferred options – the Ledge stone for the Linear Patterns or go classic with the centuries old Castle stone look which can transform any ordinary house into a solid castle or a mansion.

Traditional v/s Modern

Whether we are looking to elevate the exteriors of our home or add class to our interiors, the multitude of available options will provide both the looks as well as the protection. For example if we are a vintage fan, we can opt for the Fieldstone Pattern which will instantly renovate our exteriors to look akin to the 18th century structures with their non-uniformity. Alternatively we can opt to go Modern with the Dimensional Ledge stone or the Dimensional Castle stone with edges which are cut/sawn to perfection to give a crisp and sharp look and feel.


Innate Protection

Go Classic or go contemporary Natural Stone Cladding  comes packed with the expected goodness of materials like calcium and silicate which inherently provides protection against moisture and extreme climatic conditions to our exterior walls. With color options ranging from Charcoal Black to Olive Brown and Maple Red among others, we get a palette to choose and create from.

Take for instance our boundary wall, an integral part of the security and safety of our homes. Creating an imposing and sturdy look can easily be achieved using a contrasting cladding of Ashlar Stone. Its non uniform look is all that is needed to give it a robust structure and will add to the overall appeal of our homes.


Whether we are looking to remodel and renovate or simply looking to reinforce and fortify our homes, it is imperative to choose the right materials and decide on a look that speaks volumes about our abode.